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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Diary of Clarabelle Lorance (part 2)

Please read Part 1 first in previous posts before reading this.

12th February 1845

Dear Diary,
Today was a rather unfortunate day because Mrs. Thomsen’s children found two deceased bodies. The children were playing hiding games to amuse themselves, when they stumbled upon the bodies. Dr. Sheridian said that the bodies belonged to criminals because they had rope burns around their necks, so they were obviously hanged. When Mrs. Thomsen found her children kneeling over two dead bodies she went hysterical. I do hope she calms down soon, though I do understand that it must be traumatizing knowing your children have seen such a terrible sight. I can only hope that we don’t run into anything like this again, for the children’s sake and for mine.

20th February 1845

Dear Diary,
We have finally reached the Army Fort. I am writing this while I enjoy a fulfilling piece of buffalo meat. It is the first satisfying meal I have had in a while. I am overjoyed that we have finally reached the fort. Here I met other people, some heading to San Francisco, Mines, and Utah. Some as far as St Joseph! They told me stories of their journey and experiences. We laughed and talked for what seemed like years. I will pray to God everyday that they too, will reach the mines safely.

22th February 1845

Dear Diary,
We left the army fort yesterday with new supplies and renewed spirits. The whole bull train is filled with so much happiness. I can’t wait until we reach California!

26th February 1845

Dear Diary,
Today we could not travel because of the heat. Our oxen just refused to move. So instead we used this day to make sure everything was in order. While our parents fixed things that needed to be mended, I looked after the children with Nathaniel. We played games with the children and told them stories of heroes and heroines. I felt like a child again, carefree and oblivious to the world around me. It’s days like this I feel lucky to be alive.

(to be continued...)


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