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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Diary of Clarabelle Lorance (part 3)

Please read Parts 1 and 2 first in previous posts before reading this.

5th March 1845

Dear Diary,
Today a small child fell under a wagon wheel and died. We have experienced a lot of terrible ordeals but this has to be the worst. The child died too early in his life, he was only three! Sometimes I wonder where God is when these terrible things happen. I wonder why He took them so young. Then I realize God has a purpose for every thing and there is nothing we can do, instead we have to welcome his decisions with open arms and hope it is the right thing.

6th March 1845

Dear Diary,
We felt miserable today. The heat was unbearable. It caused our water to grow warm and our food to soil. So we are back to eating crusty bread and warm water.

11th March 1845

Dear Diary,
The whole camp is in mourning, after the death of the Sheridians. It is awful; I can’t believe that something so brutal could happen. No one could have predicted that Mr.Sheridian would lose his sanity, and kill his wife and children. He committed suicide shortly after the murders. The only one of the Sheridians that survived was Nathaniel, their oldest son. He was collecting firewood when this tragedy happened. Poor Nathaniel he is in distraught, he keep blaming himself. He is saying stupid things like that it was his fault and he could have saved them. It’s terrible for someone my age to go through something so traumatizing. Mr.Sheridian has always been a respectable man. We could never think he was capable of such a violent act. We all mourn for him and this family.

15th March 1845

Dear Diary,
Today we had our first encounter with the Indians. They visited us in the dead of night begging for food. The Indians had brought scalps, which they had taken to battle to show us. I have heard a lot about the Indians many times. People told me they were savages and greedy criminals who wanted all the gold. Some even say that only a dead Indian is a good Indian. I do respect their opinion however I think that the Indians are completely misjudged. The Indians who visited us looked harmless. They even looked as if they were dying of starvation. But Mr.Sparks still sent them away without food and water. When everyone was distracted by one of the oxen I gave the Indians all the food I had. They thanked me with big smiles on their faces and left quietly. Before they left they blessed me with good fortune and a happy life.

(to be continued...)


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