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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Diary of Clarabelle Lorance (conclusion)

Please read Parts 1,2 and 3 first in previous posts before reading this.

21st March 1845

Dear Diary,
Nathaniel is getting better. He is slowly recovering from such a horrible ordeal. I visit him everyday to give him some food. In return he takes me to the most beautiful places. Yesterday we went to the top of a cliff and I saw the most manificent view of the sunset. It was absolutely stunning!

26th March 1845

Dear Diary,
Today we passed a little hollow near a creek. We saw wild roses growing in a small spot. It is the first flower I have seen in a while. Ever since we started this journey all I have seen is lots of dust. Nathaniel picked a bunch of flowers and gave them to me. I was quite overwhelmed by the gift but I thanked him anyway. He has changed a lot since his father had an unfortunate outbreak. He has become older in a way. Before he was a mischievous boy. Now he is .... no, he has become a man.

1st April 1845

Dear Diary,
This will be my last entry. I have caught cholera and I am becoming weak. Even as I write I feel exhausted. I do not think I can go on living so close to death. Before when I had just been diagnosed I fought it. I did not let it empower me but now I see no point so I no longer fight it. Instead I long to embrace it. If death comes to me I shall go to him running. Nathaniel comes and visits me everyday though I tell him he shouldn’t. For I am scared I will infect him with cholera. But he just smiles and tells me that during his time of need, I was there for him. He says he will never abandon me, as I did not him. We often have conversations when he visits. Once he asked me if I was afraid of dying. I said no without even realizing it. That’s when I knew I wasn’t. I am not afraid of dying. I have no reason to be. For I have no regrets in my life, not even deciding to go on this journey. I have enjoyed every minute of it, even some of the bad times. So even though I lie in bed sick with cholera I feel happy. I no longer have responsibilities and expectations to live up to. For once I feel free.

2nd April 1845

I am saddened to say that Clarabelle Lorance, daughter of Mr.H.Lorance died in her sleep last night. She had been suffering from cholera for a while and we all hope she died peacefully. Clarabelle never thought death was a terrifying end, but instead she told me that for her death was a blessing. A way to free her from the pain and suffering she endured every minute of her life since she caught this disease. When she was healthy she told me tales of a beautiful place, where daffodils blossomed all year round. I think she is there now lying next to a valley of daffodils. I think we will all miss her. I know I do. Clarabelle was my light in the darkness, my sun on a rainy day and my best friend. I loved her. My life and the world will not be the same without her.

Nathaniel Sheridian

This was written by Fidez when she was in year 8 (equivalent to grade 6) as part of their Social Studies class when they were studying about the first American pilgrims to California.


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