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Monday, December 04, 2006

News Flash: NewJobz leaves migrants short of $600,000

I knew something wasn't right about this company when I wrote about it in this blog. See Bagong Raket ni Kaloy. When I wrote about it, nag-re-refund pa sila ng mga ibinayad ng mga members. Ngayon, sorry daw sa mga nagbayad. Wala ng refund.


Recruitment company leaves migrants short of $600,000
04 December 2006

A Christchurch recruitment company owes 229 potential migrants about $600,000, after reneging on its refund policy.

Stu Macann and Associates Ltd, based in New Brighton, closed last month, but two of its three directors continue the migrant recruitment business under a newly formed company, Skills New Zealand Ltd.

Local creditors have also missed out, but 229 potential migrants, many from Third World countries, are owed $600,000 in refunds.

Stu Macann and Associates Ltd started in 2003 with the aim of giving potential migrants an online service (newjobz) to help them secure a job offer in New Zealand which would help them gain residency. It claims to have helped settle 225 migrant families in New Zealand. Clients paid a fee of about $3000, which was fully refundable if a suitable job offer was not forthcoming.

About eight months ago, the company hit financial trouble, and last week Stu Macann and Associates Ltd ceased trading, although the operation, with a reduced staff, has carried on under Skills New Zealand Ltd.

Skills New Zealand Ltd is owned and run by Christchurch businessmen Keith Lightfoot and Stu Macann, both of whom were also directors and shareholders of Stu Macann and Associates.

Suresh Antil, a pharmacist, 50, who lives just outside New Delhi, in India, was one those caught up in the company failure.

In August, he asked for his money back he paid a $3000 fee of which $2000 was refundable and in October, Lightfoot sent Antil a letter promising to pay by December 15.

However, on November 22, Antil was informed Stu Macann and Associates had ceased trading, and that the new company continuing the business would not honour the refund undertaking.

Antil's daughter, Mahima Sahrawat, who emigrated to New Zealand with her husband, Arun, three years ago, said her father had borrowed the money for the fee, and would now struggle to pay it back. The $3000 fee was equal to her father's yearly salary.

"It's very much money for my father. He is still paying very heavy interest on the loan."

Lightfoot told The Press the original company was facing liquidation, because of financial troubles, and it had taken legal advice on how it should proceed.

The refund policy had undermined the company, and made it unsustainable, he said.

"We said we'll get you a job or your money back, which was a fantastically charitable thing to say, looking back. But we did, and we have been very successful in placing a lot of people into New Zealand.

"Eight months ago we realised the policy was causing us some problems, because people were taking advantage of it. We were paying out money to people who had used our services for 18 months. They used our time, our energy, our job-searching programme, and then asked for a refund," he said.

Some had been offered 17 jobs, but had turned them all down, and some turned down a job and then moved to New Zealand to take up the job. A total of $1.6 million had been refunded to 667 clients, he said.

"We understand why you are talking to us. We have lost personally. We believe we are doing the right thing by the migrants and always have done. We don't feel in any way we have done anything wrong except we understand we wrote a contract which we did not honour and that's that."

He agreed it was not a good look for New Zealand, but "we do not feel we have let the side down".

"We are extraordinarily unhappy about what's happened here. It's been an emotional drain on us all."

Skills New Zealand Ltd would continue to work for the clients who wanted to stay with the firm but no refunds would be given.

A statement on the company's website that it was a "registered immigration agent" was not misleading, despite the fact the firm was not on any immigration agent register, he said.

"We are registered as much as anyone else is registered. The process of registration is going through right now with Immigration New Zealand and we're part of that registration process."

Immigration New Zealand was happy for firms like his to call themselves registered immigration agents, until the "certification" was sorted out, he said.

The Labour Department's deputy secretary, Mary Anne Thompson, said: "As there is currently no authority that oversees the registration of immigration advisers, agents cannot call themselves regis-tered agents."

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Bill, which was wait-ing to be passed into legis-lation, would create a licensing authority within the Depart-ment of Labour to administer a licensing regime, she said.

Lightfoot said local creditors were also left owed money by the company change and 21 staff had been made redundant.

Bernard Walsh, chairman of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment, said his organisation deplored any actions that brought the nation's immigration system into disrepute. "Certainly, what has happened here will reflect very badly on New Zealand."

Any person who has information relevant to this story is asked to email or ring 027 220 4453.


  • Eh di lalong yayaman si caloy nyan...kawawa naman yung mga isinanla lang yung nag-iisang lote para makipagsapalaran at makahanap ng magandang buhay sa NZ.

    By Anonymous ann, at 6:53 PM, December 04, 2006  

  • andito rin pala wisheart ko hehe. inimail ko nga sa kaibigan namin dito itong post mo, sabi nya na kinausap na nya si caloy at plano na nyang i-withdraw yung papers nya okay daw kaya lang yung pera nya sa end of december pa ibibigay..sana nga isoli ano

    By Blogger KaDyo, at 12:44 AM, December 05, 2006  

  • I knew it!!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:41 AM, December 05, 2006  

  • Na tag ko itong blog mo ka uro in my blog.hope you dont mind. Im ur regular guest here. Worth ipapalaganap sa buong bloggers ang mga katiwaliang iyan. And in the name of CHRISTCHURCH!!!
    Aie aie aie!

    By Blogger Francesca, at 10:20 PM, December 05, 2006  

  • that's really sad, $3000 might not be nothing in NZ but it represents a year salary na in India, really sad.

    By Anonymous analyse, at 3:04 AM, December 06, 2006  

  • KU,
    Gusto ko sna itong isulat sa inglis upang makarating sa mas malawak na mambabasa pero alam ko pong hindi mo pinapahintulutan for security.
    Bilang 1 kababayan at naging biktima ng Newjobz,pwede ko po bang gamitin ang inyung site upang maiparating sa ibang kababayan natin na naging biktima din at magiging biktima pa ng Newjobz o SkillsNZ kung me legal na paraan po ba para makuha po namin ang binayad na $3000NZ, pwede po ba kaming makapag file ng lawsuit kc hindi po biro ung 229 na taong niloko ng NJZ,pinaghirapan po namin ang pera, tapos porke hindi nila maibalik ang pera dahil hindi naging succesful, bigla nilang isasara ang kumpanya at gagawa ng bagong pangalan na cla pa rin ang nagpapatakbo, napakaliwanag na humanap cla ng paraan para matakasan ang kanilang obligasyon,change the name of the company then lusot na cla sa batas kc cnabi nila hindi na cla liable sa mga dating kliyente.Sumunod naman kami sa utos ng direktor na si keith lightfoot na mag antay tapos un pala biglang magssara at nagpahayag ng dahilan na kesyo ginamit lang cla.Sa tingin ko po me pananagutan sa batas ng New Zealand ang kumpanyang ito na patuloy na nanloloko. In all honesty hindi ko inakala na me ganyang palang tao sa New Zealand na mga Propesyunal na manloloko, akala ko dito lang sa saudi ang ganyan.Tama nga ung cnabi ng chairman ng NZ asso. of migration and investment na masamang imahe ang ginawa ng Newjobz.
    Nag email ako ke andrea voslo pero hanggang ngayon hindi cya sumasagot, natural medyo nakapagsalita ako ng hindi maganda pero hindi ko naman cya cinabihan ng masamang salita, nagsabi ako na tutal wala kaming magagawa kc wala kami dyan para makapaghabol, ininform ko cya na ituloy na lang ang paghahanap ng trabaho pero hanggang ngayon wala clang reply kung ano na ang status namin sa kanila kaya naicip kong maiparating sa inyo at baka matulungan nyo kami.
    Kung meron po kayong maibibigay na advice eh maraming slamat po.

    By Anonymous nathaniel2, at 1:09 PM, December 11, 2006  

  • Never ever use NewJobZ or Skills NZ to immigrate or to find a job in New Zealand

    I entered a contract with NewJobZ / Stu Macann & Associates Limited / Skill NZ (claims to be “employment and immigration consultant”) in April, 2006. The contract stated that, I have to pay a fee of NZD$3000.00 + 175.00 (GST) in order for them to find me a suitable full time job in New Zealand. The contract states that if they (NewJobZ) are not able to find me a job in 180 days, they will refund me NZD$2000.00. The fact is that they failed to find me a job; in fact I didn’t even receive an interview call through them.

    After 180 days, I contacted them for refund of NZD$2000.00, but they refused to repay me back, saying that the Company's goodwill and intellectual property including the trade name NewJobZ has been bought by Skills New Zealand Limited. They also informed me that, Skills New Zealand Limited does not and will not accept any obligation in respect of the amount owing to you by NewJobZ (Stu Macann & Associates Limited).

    So I contacted Citizen Advice Bureau. Their investigation found that both these companies were owned by the same people and that Skills NZ was registered in November. I came to New Zealand as a student and when I made the payment to NewJobZ, I had to borrow it from my friends. So I would like to get back the money (NZD$2000.00) that NewJobZ owes me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:50 PM, December 13, 2006  

  • It is really a sad thing when we hear people's unfortunate experience with the agency as posted from various topics on the internet.

    Since the old agency is already out of operation, we should be wary and on the lookout for the new "revamped" agency, which was mentioned in the article (since we are unaware of libel/defamation laws here in new zealand, i will decline to mention either the name of the old agency and its new agency).

    The thing that made my hackles rise (while reading the article) was this statement from one of the consultants of the old agency, and quoted directly:

    "x x x told The Press the original company was facing liquidation, because of financial troubles, and it had taken legal advice on how it should proceed.

    The refund policy had undermined the company, and made it unsustainable, he said.

    "We said we'll get you a job or your money back, which was a fantastically charitable thing to say, looking back. But we did, and we have been very successful in placing a lot of people into New Zealand.

    "Eight months ago we realised the policy was causing us some problems, because people were taking advantage of it. We were paying out money to people who had used our services for 18 months. They used our time, our energy, our job-searching programme, and then asked for a refund," he said."

    In my opinion, that was a very unfair thing to say. Do the people at the agency know how much NZ 3000 dollars is worth in philippine peso?! That is almost 100,000 pesos.

    People did not get their services to take adavantage of the agency's "charity" and "goodwill." Normally, people will avoid forking 3,000.00 nz dollars just to look for a job, but a majority of people used the agency's services as their last resort- when they looked for a nz job on their own, a lot of people realized that no nz employer would hire them, let alone grant them an interview or even give a cursory scan to their CVs/resumes.

    People parted with their life's savings and even loaned (with very high interest)to pay the 3,000.00 nz dollars (excluding GST, if i may stress that), thinking that the agency is the ticket into getting here. People who used their services have, literally, felt they have exhausted all other measures in getting into nz legally and this agency seemed a beacon of light to them. They did not use their services to make a quick buck or use their "valuable assets." Those clients wouldn't make a profit since they will not receive a 100% refund. Also, whatever "valuable assets and information" this agency have in securing a job has been, in my opinion, a hit and miss operation.

    On the other hand, (in my opinion) this agency might not have forseen the surge of clients from third world countries, and let us be frank - there are still those who are "reluctant" to hire us for various reasons, some reasonable (employers prefer those alrealy legally staying in nz, lack of communication skills especially verbal and written english, mismatched skills or lack of resources to make a background check on skills and work experience acquired at another country) and some are not so reasonable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:35 AM, December 14, 2006  

  • tsk.. tsk..tsk... napakasakit naman na pangayayari. nakakaiyak... meron bang hustisya dyan sa nz? kung meron dapat nasa kulungan na yan si lightfoot. pero parang tuloy pa rin ang operation nila at mukhang patuloy pa rin ang raket kasi nag browse ako ng internet active parin ang Newjobz websayt nila. sana masubaybayan natin hahantungan ng da greyt deseptor. pampalubag na ng kalooban para sa mga niloko nya na malaman at mabalitaan na siya ay humantong sa kanyang dapat paglagyan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 PM, December 20, 2006  

  • I started renting the service of new jobs last july 2006.I paid mu full memberhip fee that year and after 3 months they invited me to become a gold member wherin that i have a big chance to seek my epmloyer on my behalf.So i decided then to pay my full gold member last november 2006.On that time,miss andrea sent me on monthly email regarding my applications untill the such time that miss andrea resigned as an general manger of new jobs but last november,it brought by skills new zealand but same poeple was operating.
    Last june 2007,thats the only month sent me an information about my application and i worried that last july,no communications was sent to my email and i worried to much then untill the such time that i called up their phone but it doesn't work any more.
    So please inform me if the skills new zea zealand still operating or not .I sacrificed everything just to pay the big amount since before applying that company,presently i'm working in taiwan untill i went home in philippines,i'm still diappointing for what happened.
    Please call me or email me if there are some poeple who rendered their services but unfortunately,it doesn't work it.
    Please email me at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 PM, January 15, 2008  

  • anonymous,
    sorry about what happened. i'm afraid it's bad news as i really don't know anyone personally who were able to successfully find a job thru NewJobz or able to refund their money. it seems like you just have to charge this to experience. next time mag-research ka munang mabuti tungkol sa agency bago mo sila bayaran ng fee.

    By Blogger Ka Uro, at 7:55 AM, January 16, 2008  

  • Scammed by Stu Macann & KEITH LIGHTFOOT - NewJobZ !

    I am One of >those< people who were scammed by Stu Macann and KEITH LIGHTFOOT and I’ve been fighting against this dirty Immigration FRAUD, Scam and Criminal from Stu Macann and KEITH LIGHTFOOT, Ex firms = NewJobZ & SkillsNZ, location-Christchurch, New Zealand ... almost ONE year All around New Zealand. This is the true story of the DECEIVED Emigrant. Because I can’t write everything, all evidence in this forum page Please let victims of this Fraud go to my site where you can find everything about this Scam = = I sent my Email Complaint to the most important People in New Zealand; NZ Authorities, Prime Minister, Ministers, Political Parties, Police etc...but I found only disappointments! = = Please, make Yahoo, Google or MSN live Search _ enter words: Stu Macann KEITH LIGHTFOOT - (first page and top of page) to see that anyone in the world can find and read about my and your case and what kind of people are hide behind this two names ! The Answer, Action and Reaction from New Zealand Authorities about this dirty Immigration Fraud, Scam and Criminal from New Zealand Citizens who lives in Christchurch, were very disappointed and frustrated! I will ask myself: What kind of People live in New Zealand and I will ask many people All Around the world Do they know the answer of this question?! Yes, because my intention is everybody in the world to know about this dirty immigration Fraud especially big and important TV, Internet and Radio Station, Newspapers, world Agents, Authorities and Representatives who are in connection with Immigration and many, many more in Australia, Europe, USA ...etc..

    Regards for >a-pinoy-in-nz< and for everyone Scammed by Stu Macann & KEITH LIGHTFOOT - NewJobZ ! - keep in touch ... and do NOT stop to fight against this dirty Criminal Immigration Fraud and Scam...

    Toni from Skopje, Macedonia

    By Blogger Toni Kuzman, at 12:30 PM, August 02, 2008  

  • The entire scheme is a scam. Stu McCann and Keith Lightfoot should be hung by the b***s!!

    I do not expect the weak NZ government to do a thing about these scams as the same directors have simply brazenly started a new company on the same lines!!

    By Anonymous JvR, at 6:40 AM, February 03, 2009  

  • If i have a chance to see "keith lightfoot" i will cut his balls! cook it like a soup #5 and feed to all his kin! specially her mother and father, i dont care if they are dead am gonna ask "keith lightfoot" to dug em up and feed the his "balls soup" and to all those who are in the stu macann and associates, i will bring you to afghanistan or invite talibans to murder all of you, you wacko! "anyway i just want my money"!

    You will not f

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:51 AM, June 16, 2010  

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