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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hello! Can I speak to me please?

And now for some absurdity.

When my daughter was little, around 6 years old, out of no where, she asked kung pwede raw niyang tawagan sa phone ang sarili niya. She wanted to know what will happen if she dials our home phone number from our home phone. Of course, we adults know that if you do this you simply get a busy signal. (Alam mo ba 'yon?)

Later on I pondered why she asked the question in the first place. I think she wanted to find out what it would be like to talk to oneself. Maybe she wanted to hear what she sounds like on the other end of the line. Siguro iniisip niya, ano kayang sasabihin ng tao sa kabilang linya.

Noon di pa uso ang cell phone. E ngayon laganap na ang mga mobile. So I now wonder on the same line of questions.

Can you send a text message to your own cell number? How about if you have an automatic reply service parang "Out of Office" sa Outlook that automatically sends another text message to the sender? Will it overload the call center?

How about if you call your own cell number, will you be put on hold (call waiting)? Will it transfer to your voice mailbox for you to leave a voice message? Are you able to reject/accept the call? How about a phone conference with multiple instances of yourself?

Ano ba itong napag-iisip ko? Nababaliw na yata ako at nagkakaroon na ng split personalities. Perhaps if one has multiple personalites, each one can call the other using a single cell phone.

Oops, hanggang dito na muna at may incoming call ako.


  • funny po ka Uro, i tried sending text message to myself one time, nung walang nagtitext sa akin, na sad ako...hay buhay-wala na nga yata taung magawa...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:36 AM, February 14, 2006  

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